News: Archive of articles - history in the making (most recently added links in red)

This section acts as an archive for all those pieces of news we collect that are relevant to those interested in the history of Sedgley Manor. Since today's news becomes tomorrow's history this section of our site is evolving into a 'recent' history section.

May 2024 - The Windrush Generation - A Walsall Connection

The impact of the Windrush generation locally.

March 2024 - Lord Horatio Nelson - 'Britain's Greatest Naval Hero' / Winter Teaser Answer

Nelson makes it to Sedgley (after a delay). A well known building and lesser known history.

February 2024 - The Black Country Miners: A Struggle for Justice - 1850 to 1926

A commentary on the appalling conditions and hardships endured by colliers and their families.

January 2024 - Autumn Teaser Answer

A sorely missed local gem.

November 2023 - Entertainment in Wolverhampton / Spring Teaser Answer

Recreational pursuits and a local improvement.

October 2023 - 2023 Barnett-Genge Lecture: The Diggum Uppers

Body snatchers and grave robbers in the Black Country.

May 2023 - Picture Postcards from the Black Country / Spring Teaser Answer

An illustrated talk putting the humble postcard centre stage; a Victorian property.

March 2023 - Nelson (cancelled) / Winter Teaser Answer

A meeting cancellation, and a window display.

February 2023 - Emma Sproson – Suffragette and Wolverhampton Councillor

A Black Country suffragette and Wolverhampton's first female councillor.

January 2023 - Autumn Teaser Answer

A what can't you see teaser.

November 2022 - The Kinver Light Railway / Spring Teaser Answer

From Amblecote to Kinver by tram. A tribute to an industrial pioneer.

October 2022 - 2022 Barnett-Genge Lecture: The History of the Co-op in the Black Country (and B'ham) / Queen Elizabeth II (1926 - 2022)

Ned Williams delves into his own book on the subject to present archive images and tell stories about the rich heritage of these shops, as this year the Dudley Co-op celebrates 150 years of retailing.

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II's visits to the Black Country.

May 2022 - The Gunpowder Plot

Local favourite Mary Bodfish covers arguably the most famous political story in British history.

March 2022 - Over and Under the Rowley Hills / Winter Teaser Answer

Rob Broadbent takes us on a tour highlighting landmarks and quarries above ground and the Victorian era Netherton Canal Tunnel beneath taking in curiosities such as Rowley Rag and the Pepper Pots. A local pub.

February 2022 - Black Country Transport in the Early 1960s

Keith Hodgkins, chairman of Tipton Civic Society and passionate Black Country heritage campaigner, shares images from a time when canals still carried some commercial traffic and British Rail mainline locomotives were regularly steam powered.

January 2022 - Christmas Greetings, Geoparks and Autumn Teaser Answer

The Black Country Geopark, and a remnant of historical transport.

November 2021 - The Role of Photography in Local History

Ned Williams the popular Black Country historian delves into his extensive collections of images covering life and times in the Black Country.

October 2021 - 2021 Barnett-Genge Lecture: The Red House Glass Cone / Summer Teaser

Kate Round, an outreach presenter and tour guide for Dudley Museum Service, gives an insight into the glass industry and the history of one of only four remaining glass cones in the country. A building with a history.

July 2021 - Spring Teaser Answer / Postponed talks

A pool with a possible history, and recording another of our unprecedented updates.

April 2021 - Winter Teaser Answer

A building conversion of interest.

January 2021 - Autumn Teaser Answer

A street name with a story.

October 2020 - Summer Teaser Answer

A wall with a past.

May 2020 - Meeting Cancellations / Spring Teaser Answer

Pandemic causes meeting cancellations. A full scale model.

March 2020 - Oliver Cromwell - Royal Executioner or Our Chief of Men / Winter Teaser Answer

Max Keen brings his unique take on history to the life of Oliver Cromwell. A street view from above.

February 2020 - Sedgley Heritage Trails

Karen Moore introduces a new leaflet covering two trails around Sedgley that take in local sights of interest.

January 2020 - My Family Tree / Dudley Time Trail / Autumn Teaser Answer

A members' and visitors' meeting to bring along memorabilia related to their family history. An urban trail around Dudley centre, and an advert for a local company.

November 2019 - The Life and Legacy of Eliza Tinsley – Black Country Nail Mistress

Eliza Tinsley, the Sedgley-based Victorian entrepreneur, is given the spotlight in this talk by Rebecca Wilton, a costumed demonstrator at the Black Country Living Museum.

October 2019 - 2019 Barnett-Genge Lecture: The Restoration of Bilston Town Hall / Summer Teaser

Keith Hodgkins, chairman of Tipton Civic Society and passionate Black Country heritage campaigner, gives the inside story on the restoration project on a civic building with a fascinating history. A metal post.

May 2019 - Black Country Ghosts and Hauntings / Spring Teaser

Andrew Homer, a local history author and Black Country Living Museum demonstrator, covers a selection of ghost stories from his collection. A silent swan.

March 2019 - The History of Dudley Castle / Winter Teaser Answer

Max Keen, with a popular and unique presentation, follows the heroes and villains of Dudley Castle from 1071 to 1933. A new war memorial.

February 2019 - Frederick William Hackwood

Ian Bott presents an illustrated talk celebrating the life of influential Black Country and Staffordshire historian, F. W. Hackwood, author of Sedgley Researches [1898].

January 2019 - Schools, Churches and Chapels

A members' and visitors' meeting to bring along memorabilia to do with places of education or worship.

November 2018 - Black Country Chapels / Autumn Teaser Answer

Ned Williams displays images from his three books celebrating non-conformist places of worship. A poignant memorial.

October 2018 - 2018 Barnett-Genge Lecture: Turnpike Fever! Local Transport in the Georgian Era / Summer Teaser

Samantha Badger focuses on the Turnpike Trusts from their start in 1706 through to closure in the 1890s when tolling succumbed to the railways. A local farmhouse.

September 2018 - Tell Them of Us

WW1 bravery and sacrifice remembered in Barbara Price's research into local heroes.

May 2018 - Made in the Black Country / Spring Teaser

A delve into the archives by Chris Smith to uncover some manufacturing tales. An impressive church.

March 2018 - The History of Smethwick / 2017/18 Autumn / Winter Teaser

From Domesday village to Victorian boom-town, Mary Bodfish reviews Smethwick's fluctuating fortunes. Some cast iron street furniture.

February 2018 - A Grave Subject

Ian Bott takes a deadly serious look at the Black Country’s treatment of mortality through macabre and humorous stories.

January 2018 - Black Country Miscellany and Memorabilia

Open meetings usually turn up rarely seen items from family collections – photographs, artefacts, books and locally made items. Members and visitors are invited to bring along absolutely anything with a Black Country connection.

November 2017 - Sedgley Beacon – Past, Present and Future / Summer Teaser

Simon Atkinson, Conservation Manager of the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust outlines exciting projects for Dudley’s most accessible viewing point for Wales, Wolverhampton and large parts of the Black Country. A well-known former(?) entertainment venue.

October 2017 - 2017 Barnett–Genge Lecture: Looking at Shops

Ned Williams returns with a presentation recalling Black Country retail from corner shops to department stores - all aboard this shopping trip down memory lane.

September 2017 - Joeys, Joshers and James

Phil Clayton covers the rise, fall and regeneration of the Black Country and Birmingham canals.

May 2017 - The Black Country from the Air / Spring Teaser

Looking down on our local area in a positive way. A threatened (not threatening) pub.

March 2017 - You Can’t Abdicate and Eat It / Winter Teaser

Mary Bodfish recoounts local connections to a right royal affair. A local playhouse.

February 2017 - The Midlands Zeppelin Outrage

Ian Bott, the ever popular Wednesbury based local historian and author gives an account of the airship attacks of 101 years ago.

January 2017 - Childhood – Toys, Games & Playtime/Autumn Teaser

Members and visitors are invited to raid their toy boxes for childhood memorabilia collected over the years – from dolls & soldiers to Lego & the Rubik's Cube - the list is endless. Canal boat links.

November 2016 - The Gornals Revisited/The Somme Remembered

Ned Williams, the well-respected Black Country historian, explores the Gornals and shares his warm affection for the villagers and their traditions. A local link to the Battle of the Somme.

October 2016 - 2016 Barnett–Genge Lecture: The Amazing Life of Dud Dudley/Summer Teaser

Chris Smith, local history author, is on the trail of the underrated Dud Dudley – Woodsetton’s iron smelting pioneer. A local rock face.

September 2016 - Tracing Your Family History

Anne Clark shares her insights, providing hints for newcomers and old hands alike.

May 2016 - A Missionary Family/Spring Teaser

Penny Smith recounts an amazing story about a family of Victorian missionaries featuring the Midlands, the south of England and sunny climes much farther afield. A derelict factory.

March 2016 - A Nostalgic Tour of Old West Bromwich/Winter Teaser/The Gornals/Barren Winter

Keith Hodgkins' archive photographs show the changing fortunes of West Bromwich from the 1900s to the 1970s. A sculpture identified, a plug for the Gornals and echoes of Shakespeare.

February 2016 - Haunted Black Country

Ian Bott presents an illustrated talk guaranteed to grip the imagination with tales of spooky sites and their ghosts. 

January 2016 - Books, Magazines and Comics/Autumn Teaser

Members and visitors are invited to scour attics, cupboards and bookcases for books of all kinds, sports programmes, old magazines and childhood comics. A well-known road.

November 2015 - From Christmas Past to Christmas Present

Mary Bodfish’s illustrated talk follows the festive season and its traditions through the ages.

October 2015 - 2015 Barnett–Genge Lecture: The Gornals/Summer Teaser

Ned Williams, the well-respected Black Country historian and author, explores the Gornals and shares his warm affection for the villagers and their traditions. A couple of important community buildings.

September 2015 - The Black Country in Old Black & White Photographs

Eddy Hickey provides an illustrated talk on some of the images he's found on old glass plates and managed to digitise.

May 2015 - The Rise & Fall of the Whitehouses of Turls Hill/Spring Teaser

Lorna Stevens showcases her research on one of Woodsetton’s most influential families - the Whitehouses of Turls Hill. Also a Black Country MP.

March 2015 - Beers & Breweries of the Black Country/Winter Teaser

Keith Hodgkins vice chairman of Tipton Civic Society and passionate Black Country heritage campaigner presents archive photographs of breweries from the last fifty years. A very tough teaser.

February 2015 - Magical Midlands Mystery Tour

Ian Bott presents an illustrated talk on stately homes, beauty spots, a few wayside inns and lots more places of interest. 

January 2015 - Collections, Hobbies and Pastimes/The Limes/Autumn Teaser

A members and visitors evening for sharing items gathered or made. Raid your attics and cupboards for personal treasures. A famous Sedgley building and a forgotten mission church.

November 2014 - Black Country Zeppelin Raid

An unwelcome visitor arrives on the home front in 1916.

October 2014 - 2014 Barnett Lecture: Cavalier Dogs and Roundhead Rogues/Summer Teaser

Mary Bodfish's illustrated talk portrays the family tensions caused by the English Civil War as it ebbed and flowed around Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley. An interesting set of tiles.

September 2014 - Wolverhampton's Coffee Mill Makers/Summer Treats/Sedgley Journal No. 7

Kate Hartland-Westwood's award-winning presentation on coffee mill makers. The talk is very apt for the Society with Census returns in Sedgley showing several coffee mill makers. Also the summer's exhibitions at Himley Hall. Sedgely Journal No. 7.

May 2014 - The Life and Times of Alfred Hickman – Ironmaster/Spring Teaser

Chris Smith has been on the trail of Alfred Hickman a Black Country industrialist, Wolverhampton MP, land owner and philanthropist. A signficant structure.

March 2014 - A Nostalgic Tour of Old Dudley/Winter Teaser

Keith Hodgkins gives an illustrated talk showing Dudley from the 1900s to the 1970s. A house move.

February 2014 - Lost Mansions of the Black Country

Ian Bott, the ever popular Wednesbury historian, presents an illustrated talk about grand houses before their destruction through fire, demolition or neglect.

January 2014 - Home Sweet Home/Autumn Teaser/In the Bleak Midwinter

A members and visitors evening for sharing research and tips on tracing their house history. Bring along artefacts, photographs, posters and memorabilia or just tell a story about your house. A long forgotten school in Upper Gornal and a medieval field.

November 2013 - Old Stourbridge/Sedgley Secrets

In a late change to the programme George Blackham’s Sedgley Secrets slide show introduced some lesser known facts and trivia about well known buildings and landmarks.

October 2013 - 2013 Barnett Lecture: Wall Heath Memories / Summer  Teaser

Terry Church talks about Wall Heath in the 1950s and 1960s. A local church.

September 2013 - All Saints' Memories/Dudley Walks/Sedgley Churches

Martin Jones talks about the links between church and village. Walks around Dudley are highlighted and two Sedgley churches participate in heritage open days.

May 2013 - Stagecoach Inns to Indian Cuisine / Spring Teaser

Samantha Badger, serves up a feast of historical titbits with her presentation tracing the history of eating out and takeaways in Wolverhampton. A query about reclaimed land.

March 2013 - A Nostalgic Tour of Old Tipton / Winter Teaser

Keith Hodgkins, vice chairman of Tipton Civic Society shows archive photographs of Tipton between the 1900s and the 1970s. A teaser photograph reminding us of local industry.

February 2013 - Black Country Murders

Ian Bott presents an illustrated talk based on his book about tragedies between 1900 and 1958; an evening of crime and mystery – solved and unsolved.

January 2013 - Our Love Affair with Wheels/The Bullring in Snow

A members and visitors evening for sharing memories about bicycles, motorbikes and cars. Everyone is invited to bring along artefacts, photographs, posters and memorabilia or just tell stories about their love affair with wheels. An excellent old photograph of the Bullring under a blanket of snow.

November 2012 - Dudley Canal Trust /Autumn Teaser

Vic Smallshire (Chairman of Dudley Canal Trust) presents a slide show that records the restoration and conservation of a vital piece of the waterway. Work began in 1964 and a rolling programme of improvements has made this venture into a remarkable tourist attraction. A new centre for visitors is at the design stage and ambitious plans are still to be realised for some disused tunnels.

A local water source stretched memories.

October 2012 - Upstairs, Downstairs/Coseley Scouts

Patricia Boyd recounts the real lives of Victorian servants. Coseley Scouts Centenary.

September 2012 - St. John's Church preserved, Olympic Torch in the manor, Summer Teaser

Deb Brownlee and Chris Smith talk about St. John’s and the project to bring it back into use. Also the Olympic Flame reaches Coseley. A well known name appears somewhere surprising.

May 2012 - A Sparky Talk and the Spring Teaser

John Hughes reminisces about the days before low energy bulbs and fused plugs, and a rather unusual water feature now playing host to a rarity.

March 2012 - Black Country Railways, Winter Teaser, Winter Walks and a Coseley Calendar

Keith Hodgkins traces the evolution of main lines and branches with vintage images recalling the days when the region’s industries were well served with a network bringing in raw materials and leaving with products as diverse as steel bars and sausages. A well known Sedgley building with an interesting past, a stately home, and a local calendar.

February 2012 - Hackwood’s Wednesbury

Ian Bott's illustrated talk celebrates the life and hometown of an influential Black Country and Staffordshire historian, Frederick William Hackwood (author of Sedgley Researches [1898]).

January 2012 - Sporting Memories/Autumn Teaser Answer

A members and visitors' evening for sharing their memories of sporting events and personalities connected with the Black Country and further afield. In addition there will be notes on London’s three Olympic Games and an opportunity to test your knowledge of obscure local sporting links. A railway station in the manor.

November 2011 - Black Country Living Museum

This illustrated history of the site provides an opportunity for potential visitors to see how the 26 acres of derelict industrial land have been turned into Britain’s friendliest open air museum.

October 2011 - 22nd Barnett Memorial Lecture - Beer, Bets and Bull-Baiting

Mary Bodfish portrays a C19th Black Country where the working classes had a lifestyle steeped in drink and gambling, and 'enjoyed' bloody amusements like prize fighting and bull-baiting with dogs.

September 2011 - Restoring Old Photographs/Summer Teaser Answer

Eddy Hickey presents a jargon free approach to removing creases and reducing other damage to priceless old photographs. A vital piece of woodwork.

May 2011 - AGM/Walking the Wren’s Nest/Spring Teaser Answer

Friends of the Wren’s Nest give details of the latest projects and routes to explore as well as explaining the unique history of this National Nature Reserve. A large sculpture interestingly located.

March 2011 - The Last Days of Steelmaking at Round Oak/Winter Teaser Answer/Census 2011

Keith Hodgkins, vice-chairman of Tipton Civic Society, gives a slide show of photographs of Brierley Hill's Round Oak Steelworks. A local landscape - but where and how was it formed? Happy birthday to the census.

February 2011 - Time Gentlemen Please! – A Gallery of Pub Signs/Winter walks

Local historian, Ian Bott, with a slide show celebrating the fine tradition of pub naming and a few recommendations for getting out and about.

January 2011 - That's Entertainment – Stage, Screen and Radio

A members and visitors' evening for sharing memories of the entertainment offered to Black Country audiences via theatre, cinema and radio/TV.

December 2010 - Autumn Teaser Answer

A not completely forgotten pioneer craftsman.

November 2010 - Victorian Boiler Explosions

Philip Jones presents his award-winning research into local Victorian boiler explosions, which, unfortunately, weren't as uncommon as one may have hoped.

October 2010 - 21st Barnett Memorial Lecture

Editor of the community magazine Village Voice, Chris Smith, highlights some of the more unusual stories that have appeared in the magazine over the last five years.

September 2010 - Ticket to China/Summer Teaser Answer

Geoff Harrison, SLHS chairman, recollects 1980s China which he visited as a member of a Board of Trade party engaged in discussions with their ceramic industry. Ruins with a continental link.

May 2010 - AGM/The Longbow/Spring Teaser Answer

Mark Cooper, secretary of the Bowmen of England Archers, tells the story of a famous English weapon of war. A famous local landmark features in the Spring Teaser.

March 2010 - Baggeridge Colliery/Winter Teaser Answer/Coseley Baths

Vic Smallshire discusses the history of one of South Staffordshire’s most famous pits. A street scene in the Winter Teaser. Also the end for Coseley Baths.

February 2010 - Picture Postcards from the Black Country

Ian Bott with a miscellany of evocative Black Country images selected from the once popular medium of picture postcards.

January 2010 - World War Two Remembered

A members and visitors' evening for sharing memories of the war years.

November 2009 - SLHS 25th Anniversary - 1984 ~ 2009/Autumn Teaser Answer

Founder members reminisce about the Society's early days and the local history museum that operated for sixteen years. A teaser of a site.

October 2009 - 20th Barnett Memorial Lecture/Summer Teaser Answer

Building Stones of the Black Country Area drew attention to local buildings and, in a similar vein, a sculpture (sadly) now in storage.

September 2009 - Kinver Rock Houses/Welcome to Sedgley

Season opener - David Bills provides some insight into the famous red sandstone houses. Also Sedgley gets a new sign.

August 2009 - News clips

News shorts from summer 2009

May 2009 - Looking at Yesterday/Spring Teaser Answer

Following the 2009 AGM, Society member, Eddy Hickey will be showing slides and photographs of Dudley and Wolverhampton that he has taken over the last forty years. A date on a building in the Spring Teaser.

March 2009 - Pits and Holes

Graham Worton, keeper of geology and manger at Dudley Museum and Art Gallery, and nationally recognised expert on the Wren’s Nest limestone workings, looks at pits and quarries in Sedgley, Coseley & the Gornals.

February 2009 - Dudley Castle/Winter Teaser Answer

Adrian Durkin, Exhibitions Officer at Dudley Museum and Art Gallery, traces the development of castles and highlights Dudley as a fine example of the changes over the centuries. The Winter Teaser shows a collection of Victorian buildings.

January 2009 - Made in Sedgley Manor/Autumn Teaser Answer

A members and visitors' evening for sharing memories of industries and places of work in Sedgley, Coseley and the Gornals. A poignant memorial features in the Autumn Teaser.

November 2008 - Telling Tales

Christine Buckley shares her experience in researching family history.

October 2008 - Andrew Barnett Memorial Lecture

An open forum led by Society members Trevor Genge and George Blackham – Who cares about the heritage of Sedgley, Coseley and the Gornals?

September 2008 - Bilston Steelworks/Summer Teaser Answer

Memorabilia, photographs and a digital presentation promise to revive memories of Bilston Steelworks. Also a church interior revealed.

August 2008 - Out and About over the Summer

A round up of relevant events over the summer holiday period.

June 2008 - Spring Teaser Answer

A local preaching cross.

May 2008 - AGM plus 'Sketches and Memorabilia'

The 2008 AGM is followed by Ron Baker and Bryan Hollies showing, respectively, sketches and items from Sedgley's past.

April 2008 - St. George visits Sedgley!/Trevor Genge Award

News of the St. George’s Day Pageant organised by Dudley MBC. Trevor Genge receives the Thomas Attwood award for education.

March 2008 - Sedgley Parish – An early C19th Vicar’s Book/Winter Teaser Answer

Dorothy Inett brings the Rev. Girdlestone's parish record to our attention and recounts some of the business of the Sedgley parish at that time.

February 2008 - Discovering Dudley: An Update

An illustrated talk by Peter Boland (Principal Conservation Officer of Dudley M. B.) covering the regeneration of Dudley town centre and the opportunities for revealing a rich heritage dating back to medieval times.

January 2008 - Wish You Were Here

A members and visitors' evening of sharing memories of holidays - expect to see postcards, photos, brochures and souvenirs.

December 2007 - The Black Country Urban Park Big Lottery Bid/Autumn Teaser Result

Re-opening of the man made limestone caverns under the Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve featured strongly in the Black Country Consortium’s submission to the Big Lottery Fund.

November 2007 - Dudley Archives

A visit to Coseley to see the Dudley Archives & Local History Service.

October 2007 - 18th Barnett Lecture/Summer Teaser

Trevor Genge's personal reminiscences about Andrew Barnett was the subject of the 2007 Andrew Barnett Memorial Lecture. Summer Teaser answer.

August 2007 - Wolverhampton History Website/Himley Exhibition

The Wolverhampton History and Heritage Society website and Himley Hall exhibition.

June 2007 - Summer Walk/Spring Teaser Result/Cycling in the 1890s

Walking the Whitehouse way and making sense of of a cryptic teaser.

May 2007 - AGM/Please Sir

The AGM is followed by George Blackham's illustrated talk covering schools and schooling in Sedgley Manor since 1800.

March 2007 - The Stourbridge Canal/Winter Teaser

The snow delayed talk on the Stourbridge canal and result of the Winter Teaser.

January 2007 - Shops in Sedgley/Autumn Teaser

A members and visitors evening aimed at sharing memories of shops, shopkeepers and shopping in the 40s and 50s, also the result of the Autumn Teaser.

December 2006 - Christmas at the Summer House/Coseley Civic Trust Launched

Lighting up time in Gospel End/Coseley Civic Trust constituted and busy fighting to save Mount Pleasant School from demolition.

November 2006 - Coseley's Avenue of Remembrance

Coseley Urban District Council’s first official war memorial involved the planting of trees on both sides of the Birmingham New Road.

October 2006 - 2006 Andrew Barnett Memorial Lecture/Summer Teaser/Sedgley Flag

The Kinver Light Railway was the topic for the seventeenth Andrew Barnett Memorial Lecture, the Summer Teaser and details of the Sedgley flag.

September 2006 - Dudley Castle Talk

The Society’s new season of talks begins with John Hemingway (Archaeological Officer for Dudley MB) on the History & Archaeology of Dudley Castle.

July 2006 - Summer Fun?

Leave the car at home and 'walk the manor'.

June 2006 - Spring Teaser Result/Surname Surprises

Something for those with knowledge of Lower Gornal or an interest in names and locations.

May 2006 - Discovering Lower Ettingshall

The now traditional end-of-season walk this year visits Lower Ettingshall.

April 2006 - The Whitehouse Diaries

Society members Lorna Stevens and Trevor Genge follow up the AGM with an illustrated talk about the Whitehouse family - Victorian iron masters.

March 2006 - Site Outage

Apologies for our downtime between the 6th and the 9th March 2006.

March 2006 - Spring Round Up

Trains and Trams in March, the Summer Teaser result and Winter picture

February 2006 - Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal in Watercolour

Ettingshall based landscape artist, Ray Whitehouse's second visit to the Society to display and talk about his watercolours. Ray recently finished a project researching and recording the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal and its surroundings.

January 2006 - Newspapers, Magazines & Comics

Members and visitors are invited to bring along old newspapers, magazines and comics, and share memories and ‘treasures’.

December 2005 - Sedgley Flag Raised

On Saturday 10th December 2005 the 1st Sedgley Scout group raised the new village flag, the design of which is based on the civic badge of the defunct Sedgley Urban District Council.

December 2005 - Summer Teaser/Dud Dudley

John Hemingway (Archaeological Officer of Dudley Metropolitan Borough) on the trail of Woodsetton’s iron smelting pioneer, the illegitimate son of Lord Dudley - Dud Dudley.

October 2005 - Newsflash (ish) and The Andrew Barnett Memorial Lecture

The speaker, Robert Earnshaw a Warden at the Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve presents an illustrated talk entitled 'The Geological and Industrial Past of the Wren's Nest'. The talk offers an opportunity to hear about Dudley's internationally acclaimed natural feature, thought by many to be worthy of World Heritage status.

September 2005 - 2005/2006 Season Talk I

"For A Glass Of Clean Water" - Trevor Genge distils the archives to tell the story of how clean water was brought to the Black Country.

July 2005 - Spring Teaser/Hansard/Hot Off The Press

A collection of front page items - SLHS gets a mention in London, teaser results, and a newspaper archive.

June 2005 - End-of-season walk

Looks like the route taken on the night may not have been quite as advertised.

May 2005 - Straits House link and Winter and Easter Teasers

Read a brief history of the threatened Straits House and catch up with our recent teasers.

April 2005 - Mobile Mast Locator

Find the mobile transmitters in your locality with this government site.

March 2005 - Himley Hall & Spring Round Up

Alan Peace, senior warden at Himley Hall, gives us an insight into this C18th local landmark. Other news items include a link to a unique Victorian photograph.

February 2005 - Dudley’s Unfolding History

Peter Boland, the Principal Conservation Officer of Dudley M. B. talks about the preservation of the remains of a glassworks under the newly created Stone Street Square, and the central Dudley scheme to highlight the development of the town from medieval times.

January 2005 - Sedgley Manor Memorabilia Evening

An open evening where members, and visitors, can share items from family collections and recall stories about past events and well known characters.

December 2004 - Autumn Teaser and Summer Answer

The results of the Summer teaser competition and link to the Autumn Photo.

October 2004 - The Turls Hill Project

David Bate, vice chairman of the Turls Hill & Swanbrook Valley Residents Association, talks about the Manor’s most exciting landscape protection programme.

September 2004 - Andrew Barnett Memorial Lecture

The Sedgley Local History Society 2004/2005 season opens with an illustrated talk by Ron Moss entitled, 'Backyard Industries of the Black Country'.

June 2004 - June Round Up

A collection of front page news briefs from June 2004: All Saint's Anniversary reported, Coppice Baptist request help for a bicentennial booklet, the Society's Summer Walk and results of the Spring Teaser competition.

May 2004 - Trevor Genge Signs In with Book Five

Trevor Genge launches his fifth book of old photographs covering Sedgley and District at Queen Victoria Primary School, Bilston Street, with the opening being performed by the well known historian and broadcaster, Carl Chinn.

March 2004 - A Day with 'Time Team'

Trevor Genge tells us about his participation in the Channel 4 Time Team's sponsored National Big Dig Week.

February 2004 - Churches, Chapels and Pubs

Society member, Jennifer Hill, guides us through a pictorial presentation of some of the Manor's churches, chapels and public houses.

January 2004 - Our School Days

Members and visitors are invited to bring along books, reports, uniforms, badges and magazines to help stir some memories of local education.

December 2003 - Winter in the Manor

Seasonal greetings from SLHS and a photograph of a mystery location covered in snow to tax your minds at Yuletide.

November 2003 - Our Local Scene in Watercolour

Landscape artist Ray Whitehouse has recently finished a project researching and recording the Birmingham Canal Navigation and its surroundings as it cuts through the Black Country. On his first visit to the Society he'll display and talk about his watercolours.

October 2003 - Local Buses On Film

The Society's second meeting of the 2003/2004 season of talks sees John Hughes show some of his unique collection of cine-films and photographs covering the history of Wolverhampton Corporation's transport department from trams to trolley buses.

September 2003 - The 14th Andrew Barnett Memorial Lecture

The Society's 2003/2004 season of talks starts with the annual Memorial Lecture, given this year by John Hemingway, the Archaeological Officer of Dudley M.B.C.

July 2003 - Zoo and Castle are Divorced!

On Monday 21st July 2003 members of Dudley Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of a controversial �100 million redevelopment of Castle Hill - once part of Woodsetton village.

June 2003 - Village Names Live On

The May 2004 Local Elections will be based on new ward boundaries. SLHS contributed to the consultation process by ensuring the ward names reflected the communities they cover, as this article describes.