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These articles by Trevor Genge were first published in 'Scene' the quarterly magazine of St. Andrew's Church, [United Reformed & Methodist], Bilston Street, Sedgley.

They are based on Nayler's book "Sedgley Sundries".

Number 1: Introduction / Himley Hall celebration

Number 2: Thunderstorm / Nail making

Number 3: Toll road / Worship at All Saints

Number 4: All Saints & Christ Church / The Killer Disease

Number 5: Cholera in Bilston and the Manor

Number 6: Mills and Furnaces

Number 7: The Vicar’s Tea Party

Number 8: Masters / Family Events / St. James the Great

Number 9: A tragic accident / St. Peter’s – Foundation ceremony

Number 10: Three Weddings and Two Funerals

Number 11: Eliza Tinsley - A Nail Making Entrepreneur

Number 12: All Saints Sunday School / Conservatives in Sedgley

Number 13: Feredays of Gornal & Bickleys of Bilston

Number 14: St. Peter's Consecrated / A Firearms Accident

Number 15: Crime in the Manor - 1844

Number 16: Setting a Church Rate / One wedding in two churches!

Number 17: A Miscellany – 1846 & 1847

Number 18: A Miscellany – 1847, 1848 & 1849



In 1989 the Society published its own magazine - The Sedgley Sentinel. Only two issues appeared before the demands of organisation and deadlines proved too difficult to meet. The pages were packed with comments, illustrations and features. A flavour of their contents can be gleaned from following the link below:

The Sedgley Sentinel, Autumn 1989 / Issue No. 2

Contains a once locally famous poem about Sedgley pubs, and articles on toll roads and the demise of local landmarks.


The Society is printing an occasional news-sheet cribbing part of a title from a weekly Victorian newspaper. The news is new even if the name is old.

Number 1 - November 2007

Number 2 - November 2008

Number 3 - November 2009

Number 4 - November 2010

Number 5 - November 2011

Number 6 - February 2013

Number 7 - February 2014

Number 8 - February 2015

Number 9 - February 2016

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Inking in the Pen Industry

Sedgley's claim to national fame - the invention of the steel pen nib c.1800

Made in the Manor

The C20th saw dramatic changes in the manufacturing base of Sedgley, Coseley and the Gornals. This compilation of firms and their products is a stark reminder of our industrial past and makes sober reading.

Three Generations of Engineers in Sedgley

Alan Brookes remembers the family run firm as it developed to become Brookes & Sons [Engineers] Limited with premises on the east side of Gospel End Street in Sedgley.

Woodsetton and Coalbrookdale - A Cast Iron Link?

Two pioneers of iron smelting were born in Woodsetton. Carl Higgs traces their family trees and reaches a remarkable conclusion.