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Resources - Genealogy

Please note that genealogy isn't a prime interest of SLHS - it's a huge specialist area in it's own right. We provide a list of useful sites on our genealogy links page that will help you to begin your research, however if you have a specific query drop us a line!

Please note that some of the other sites listed under the local history section below (such as also carry genealogical information.

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Resources - Education

Check out our Educational Resources page aimed at supporting the teaching of our local history.

Resources - Books


A Pictorial History of Sedgley,
Ron Baker, 1970

A delightful collection of 38 original pen & ink drawings recalling buildings & views from the recent past. Introduction by John S. Roper. Library copies available.

Sedgley Manor - A Pictorial History,
Ron Baker, 1991

This second selection of over 100 original pen & ink sketches includes notes on churches, the nail trade, local families, education and so on. The limited edition is a collector's item. Library copies available.

Barnett's History of Sedgley,
F. A. Barnett / Ed. T. A. Genge, Lanesfield Primary School, Wolverhampton, 1991

Andrew Barrett, a local head teacher & founder member of SLHS, never completed a full record of the Manor. However, from his extensive notes Trevor Genge edited enough material to reflect Andrew's fine contribution to local history. Well illustrated by the author. Library copies are available.

Sedgley & District,
Trevor Genge, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 1995

The first ever commercially produced collection of old photographs of the Manor drawn from local archive and private collections. The book was an immediate sell out in the Sutton series 'Britain in Old Photographs'. Only library copies available.

Sedgley & District - A Second Selection,
Trevor Genge, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 1997

Another comprehensive collection of black and white photographs with detailed captions. Only library copies available.

Sedgley & District - A Third Selection,
Trevor Genge, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 1999

Following a now familiar pattern with sections on schools, churches, public houses, shops etc. the wealth of material available covers all aspects of village life. Copies still on sale from some sources (for example the publishers - Sutton).

Sedgley, Coseley & The Gornals,
Trevor Genge, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2001

A wide range of images covering the whole of the Manor. As before, the captions bring to life this ever popular way of presenting local history. Copies on sale.

Sedgley & District - A Fifth Selection,
Trevor Genge, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2004

Trevor Genge, one of the Black Country’s leading local historians, has put together another fine collection of black and white photographs including a chapter on the Cannon iron foundry. As usual they are brought to life with informative captions recalling people, places and events.

This book takes the tally of pictures to a staggering four figures and is a wonderful addition to the series. Copies on sale.

Sedgley Researches,
Frederick William Hackwood, 'Herald' Press, Dudley, 1898

Based on articles written for 'The Dudley Herald' between March 1897 and February 1898 the much quoted text details the early history of the Manor as well as social, church and industrial matters. Copies are very difficult to locate, but there is a reference copy in Dudley library.

Sedgley Sundries,
Edward Nayler, Circa 1901

A collection of newspaper cuttings and Nayler's personal accounts combine to make this a record of some significance. A rare book.

The Story of the Ancient Manor of Sedgley,
E. A. Underhill, 1942

A respected work with particular emphasis on early families and religious history. Not always accurate yet a bench mark introduction to the Manor. Some photographic plates. Library copies available.

Patchwork Poems of Sedgley,
E. A. Underhill, 1932

A diverse collection of over eighty poems. There are twelve photographic plates, and some background notes. Library copies available.

Churches & Chapels of the Gornals & Sedgley,
Angus Dunphy, 1976

Originally designed for school use, it is a survey of places of worship and their history. Library copies available.

Coal Mining in & around Gornal,
Angus Dunphy, Circa 1975

A well illustrated history of mines and their activities. Library copies available.

A History of Lower Gornal,
F. A. Barnett, Circa 1960

A collection of articles first published in the parish magazine of St. James Church, Lower Gornal. Library copies available.

History of Coseley,
John S. Roper, Coseley UDC, 1952

History of Coseley,
John S. Roper, Dudley Teachers' Centre, 1976

The premier history of the area covered by Coseley Urban District Council. Later edition updated and illustrated by F. A. Barnett. Library copies available.

A Walk back in time around Coseley,
C. Beryl Wilkes, Brewin Books, 1983

A Walk back in time around Coseley,
C. Beryl Wilkes, Brewin Books, 1994

A street map shows the route that Beryl follows as she recalls people and places. Some fascinating information surrounds the many photographs. Later edition updated with a new collection of photographs and commentary. Library copies available.


A Dig in Time,
Alan Aitcheson, Dudley College, 1995

The author describes the book as 'a pot-pourri of Sedgley & Gornal horticultural history'. There are records of C19th flower shows and C20th allotments. Copy available in Dudley library.

Working Class Housing in Sedgley 1900 - 1923,
Alan Aitcheson, 2000

A well researched study of the local council's housing programme. Copy available in Sedgley library.

The Story so far….. ,
George Cox, 1st Sedgley Scout Group, 1994

A history of the 1st Sedgley Scout Group. Copies available in Sedgley library.

Mettallum Martis,
Dud Dudley, 1665

The Woodsetton born ironmaster sets out his account of smelting iron using ‘pit-coale’ or ‘sea-coale’. This is a truly remarkable record now reprinted from Bagnall’s 1854 edition and available from The Kates Hill Press, Dudley.

The Ellowes - Its Owners & Times,
Angus Dunphy, Dudley Teachers' Centre 1983

Lower Gornal's mansion, demolished in 1964, but fondly remembered in this well illustrated account. Library copies available.

Rambles about Dudley Castle,
William Harris, 1845

The detailed Victorian approach covers all the buildings and the local geology - a pocket guide in small print! A gem. Reference copy in Dudley library.

An Illustrated Chronicle of the Cluniac Priory of St. James - Dudley,
John Hemingway, Friends of Priory Park, 2005

Usually the site is associated with Dudley, but Sedgley Manor looms large in its past. The well-illustrated work brings together all the known facts spanning 400 years as a Priory and over 400 years as a ruin. Copies available from Dudley Art Gallery and the Friends.

An Illustrated Chronicle of the Castle and Barony of Dudley ~ 1070 - 1757,
John Hemingway, Friends of Dudley Castle, 2006

This is the most comprehensive book to be written about the castle for over fifty years. The thorough and detailed research is supported by high quality illustrations making it a standard reference for years to come. Copies available from Dudley Art Gallery, Dudley Archives, Dudley Zoo and the Friends.

An Illustrated Chronicle of Dudley Town and Manor,
John Hemingway, MFH Publishing, 2009

Dudley MBC’s Archaeological Officer for nearly 20 years completes his Dudley trilogy with an absolute blockbuster. The meticulously researched and annotated text is supported by over 200 illustrations making this book a goldmine for local historians and a fascinating read for residents. Copies available from Dudley Art Gallery, Dudley libraries and Black Country Living Museum.

A Home of their Own,
Chris Lloyd, Redwing Publishing 2003

A blow by blow account of Sedgley Urban District Council’s post First World War house building programme in Sedgley, Upper Gornal and Lower Gornal. Intriguing details are drawn from Council records, newspaper reports, archives etc. to cover the period 1917 to 1923. Reference copy in Dudley Archives, Mount Pleasant, Coseley.

Sedgley Probate Inventories, 1614 - 1787,
John S. Roper

These records reveal intimate details of the wealth, or lack of it, people left behind. Library copies available.

A Glossary of 17th and 18th Century Domestic and Agricultural Terms, Chattell and Hale, 2007

This is an up-to-date, greatly enhanced, authoritative expansion of the original glossary prepared by Chattell for Roper's transcription of 'Sedgley Probate Inventories’. With 168 new definitions as well as the expansion of, and corrections to, some of the 134 original entries, plus comprehensive etymological information, this is a valuable aid for anyone looking at these Probate Inventories or any other local documents of the 17th or 18th centuries. Copies held at Dudley Archives, Wolverhampton Archives and Lichfield Record Office.

St. Chad’s Church Coseley, The First Hundred Years,
C. Beryl Wilkes, Brewin Books, November 1985

Meticulously researched from a century of church documents and parish magazines. This is the definitive history of the West Coseley Parish from 1884 to 1984. Coseley & Sedgley library copies are available.


Black Country Breweries,
Joseph McKenna, Tempus Publishing Ltd, 2005

The rich local brewing heritage, from home-brew houses to Ansell’s, Banks and M. & B., is recorded. Sedgley Manor is well documented from the 1830s to today’s operations at Holden’s in Woodsetton, The Beacon in Sedgley and the Old Bull’s Head in Lower Gornal. Copies on sale.

Black Country Chapels,
Ned Williams, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2004

A remarkable collection of black and white photographs supported by an informative text. Past and present buildings are featured. Around thirty images are part of Sedgley Manor’s religious history. Copies on sale.

More Black Country Chapels,
Ned Williams, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2006

This is Ned’s second wonderful picture collection of ‘nonconformist’ places of worship accompanied by thoughtful comments. Again Sedgley Manor is well represented with about twenty photographs. Copies on sale.

Black Country Cinemas, Ned Williams, Uralia Press, 2011

A magnificent compilation of over 160 silver screen picture houses generously illustrated with black and white photographs. It is a superb reference book and cinema goers star buy. Copies available from bookshops.

Black Country Theatres, Ned Williams, Uralia Press, 2011

Ned brings back to life the golden age of theatre detailing over 90 venues known to have presented live shows. Photographs of stars, impresarios and programmes capture the world of greasepaint all but lost in the Black Country. Copies available from bookshops.

Churches of the Black Country,
Tim Bridges, Logaston Press, 2008

Every Anglican church in Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton has an entry covering the essential aspects of its architecture and notable features – an excellent gazetteer. A generous number of black & white photographs bear witness to the rich heritage from St. Peter’s Anglo-Saxon cross in Wolverhampton to C20th churches like St. Martin’s, Dixon Street, Ettingshall. Copies available from bookshops.

Resources - Web Sites


Black Country Bugle

The weekly newspaper was founded in 1972. Self styled as 'The Voice of the Black Country' its staff & readers produce articles and photographs to cover every facet of the past and present. This website will become a major archive and forum for local history buffs. Buy the paper, check the web site.

Black Country History

This mega catalogue of collections held by the archive services of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton will aid historians in their search for original documents [over 80,000 records have been indexed] and images [over 6,000 prints and photographs can be called up]. The developing site, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, went online in November 2006.

The Black Country Society

The pre-eminent local history society covering the Black Country region.

The Black Country Living Museum

An exceptional open-air museum of national importance with many original buildings reconstructed in an industrial village setting. The site includes a toll house, a cottage and Victorian dwellings all once erected in the Manor.

Black Country Pubs

Tony Hitchmough’s three CDs add up to the most comprehensive coverage of the subject ever attempted. The meticulous original research is easy to follow and will prove a goldmine for local and family historians.

Dudley Archives & Local History Service

Dudley Archives & Local History Service acquire, preserve and make available (in their search room in Mount Pleasant Street, Roseville, Coseley) material relating to the present Metropolitan Borough area - it's a tremendous resource with material dating from the 12th century.

Rowley Village

Usually associated with the quarrying of Rowley Rag and magnificent views from Turner's Hill. Find out about a corner of the Black Country with 1000 years of history.

Wolverhampton History and Heritage Society

Local history society dealing with Wolverhampton.

Excellent local history site (especially given the Australian location!) with a genealogical orientation.


Local community site covering Gornal. Plenty of news, current affairs, humour, business links and, of course, some interesting local history. (Note: site seems to have been last updated around 2008/2009, but may still contain useful information).

Staffordshire History

This is the definitive site for the ‘Creative County’ and the first stop for a wealth of links, miscellaneous matters and home of Staffordshire History Association (SLHS is a member).

Staffordshire Past Track

A remarkable collection of images and information drawn from sources throughout the county. Well worth exploring for historical mapping, old prints and previously difficult to find topics. It is a sophisticated site with an ever increasing database that will appeal to all users.

The William Salt Library

The Staffordshire Views Collection of the William Salt Library contains some 3,000 illustrations of the county - these are now accessible online and provide an interesting pictorial resource for local historians.

Turls Hill & Swanbrook Valley Residents Association

The organisation is committed to the protection of an area of unspoilt countryside within the old village boundaries of Woodsetton and Ettingshall. The site outlines the proposed management plan and promotes the attractions of this rural setting.

Friends of Dudley Castle

Star treatment for one of England’s most under rated castles. An authoritative source on the buildings, its owners and place in history. The Friends activities are regularly posted.

Friends of Priory Park

The Friends of Priory Park help to campaign for more resources and better facilities within Priory Park. The web site contains information about Friends events and the history of the priory and associated park.


Access to Archives (A2A)

This database contains catalogues describing archives held throughout England. There are records from churches, chapels, schools, trade unions, hospitals, poor law unions, individuals, societies & businesses - they represent over 1000 years of English history. It is a premier search facility for local historians, teachers, students & people tracing their family tree.

The Domesday Book Online

This developing website covers the 13,418 settlements recorded in the 1086 land Survey of England - the wealth of information is staggering. There are local entries for Sedgley and Ettingshall. This is a 'must visit' archive - easy to navigate, first class presentation and packed with external links.

A Vision of Britain

Tracking down statistics on population, employment, housing and so on sounds pretty dull and unrewarding. Not so - the Vision of Britain website launched in October 2004 and rapidly expanding into a major data base drawing on Census returns from 1801 to 2001.


Black Country Geological Society

The Black Country Geological Society, based in Dudley, are the best local contacts for understanding the geology underlying the Manor - indeed their website contains comments on the quarry which was once worked on the Beacon.

Local History Online

News, resources, information, courses and nationwide local history society contacts. Books for sale online and a regular magazine by post.

1st Sedgley Morris Side

The 1st Sedgley Morris Side perform dances in the Cotswold tradition. Most famous (locally) for their annual May 1st dawn dance on the Beacon.

Village Voice

Copies of the free monthly community magazine are available in local libraries & health centres. Adverts cover businesses, services and shops. It is packed with news, interesting articles and local history gems. Visit the website for past & present issues.