General Sites

As we said on the previous page, genealogy is a specialist area and there's a lot of information out there on the Web to help you. Some starting points are:


Massively popular and well resourced site - will also analyse your DNA (for a price).

Midland Ancestors

The new site (and name) for the Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry - the premier Birmingham and Black Country family society.


Genealogical information pages for the UK and Ireland.


A large international portal. There is a Black Country family history and genealogy list here run via this site by Dave Ogden.

UK Genealogy

More genealogical information pages for the UK.

Cyndi's List

A major portal to genealogical resources on the Web.

A pay-per-view site that allows access to the indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales from 1837; Census returns for 1841, ‘61, ’71, ’91 and much, much more. With over 400 million records online this is a valuable bookmark for beginners and seasoned family historians.

Individual Sites

The Tennant family of Gornal

Paul Clark's web site (of the Clark-Hogg family) contains information and pictures of the Tennant family of Gornal.

One of the Family

Royal Blood in the Family?

Family history researchers, whether amateur or professional, are always delighted to find a 'royal connection'. Yet links to royalty can be established for half of the UK population. In a recent edition of the television programme Who Do You Think You Are? London's mayor, Boris Johnson, found among his ancestors a German prince related to George II.

The more realistic problem is how to get started on your family history. The internet is packed with sites offering advice and huge data bases can be accessed free of charge or at modest cost.

A helpful starting point is Genealogy Guide - a friendly introduction to the subject and jargon free.

The dark days before Christmas are a good time to tip-toe into family history. Quiz the relatives - you could be related to kings and queens or even Santa Claus! If you must - check out Royal Family Tree.