Three Weddings and Two Funerals

Edward Nayler's cuttings for July 4th 1838 include a report of the celebrations, for the Coronation of Queen Victoria. We are told that: "Great Celebrations took place in Sedgley and Gornal. There were public dinners, inhabitants generally spending the day in rejoicing, and there was every show of loyalty. Special services were held in the churches."

The local press soon had more sombre news, that of the passing of the wife of the first incumbent at St James The Great, Lower Gornal. The report dated August 22nd reads "On the 12th inst., at The Parsonage, Lower Gornal, aged 50 years, Catharine, wife of the Rev. T. Theodosius, Incumbent." The incumbent's first name was also Theodosius! He had previously been a controversial minister at Ruiton, who appears to have been recruited by Lord Dudley for the new church of St. James The Great.

More cheerful news followed in a newspaper report of September 5th recording the marriage of one of Sedgley's renowned doctors "On the 19th inst., at Edinburgh, by the Rev. Mr. Syme, John M. Ballenden Esq., surgeon, Sedgley, son of the late Governor John Ballenden of the Hon. Hudson Bay Company, to Elizabeth Wilson, only daughter of Christopher Jobson Esq., Lieutenant of the Royal Navy."

By October 24th another Sedgley Doctor appears in the news, a contrasting story, and a reminder that even a doctor's son was vulnerable to what today are avoidable medical problems. A death "On the 11 inst., at Sedgley, of lockjaw, aged 14, Edwin Henry, son of A. Tamlyn, Esq. Surgeon."

A wedding with a Birmingham connection was recorded. On November 21st "William Fletcher, a Sedgley Grocer was married to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. Isaiah Baker, of the same place." The wedding was at St. Martin's Birmingham! St. Martin's in the Bull Ring we presume?

In January 1839 a wedding took place at All Saints, Sedgley that would have an enduring influence over the village, and the wider area beyond, but you must wait for the next article (Number 11) to discover whose it was - that's if you cannot guess! A clue? The bride was nee Butler.

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