NEWS (June 2003): Village Names Live On

Since 1966 the Manor has spread across Wolverhampton and Dudley with some of the village names retained to describe wards used in local elections for council seats. Ettingshall is an electoral area in Wolverhampton while Dudley boasts wards called Coseley East, Coseley West, Gornal and, of course, Sedgley. In May 2004 the Local Elections will be based on new ward boundaries finally approved by the Electoral Commission. No village names have been lost and there are even two additions!

Ettingshall is retained while Dudley proposed - Coseley East, Gornal, Roseville & Woodsetton and of course Sedgley. The Society noticed that Roseville did not fall within its named ward while Upper Gornal was a major feature of the area. In its submission to the Boundary Committee the use of traditional village names and clearly defined communities was emphasised.

The outcome of these suggestions and other letters was a change of name to Upper Gornal & Woodsetton. The Boundary Committee's final recommendations for future electoral arrangements in Dudley can be found online as a report, with an accompanying map showing the new ward boundaries.

Now six of the original nine villages of the Manor enjoy C21st recognition.