NEWS (November 2023): Entertainment in Wolverhampton / Spring Teaser Answer

Entertainment in Wolverhampton

The next meeting of the Society takes place on Thursday 9th November at 7:30 pm in St. Andrew's Church, Bilston Street, Sedgley. The speaker is Ned Williams the popular Black Country historian and author of over fifty books, including a number on the world of entertainment in the Black Country.

Ned will be sharing his unrivalled knowledge and passion for cinemas, theatres, fairs and circuses in and around Wolverhampton by showing archive images and telling stories about the venues and their owners.

This is a chance to revisit all our yesterdays and hear about a rich heritage that is slowly slipping away. Do come along and bring your friends.

Admission is £2 – exact amount appreciated.

2023 – Summer Teaser Answer

The 75th Teaser is celebrated with a picture of the most recent improvement at a well-known beauty spot.

We asked you to identify the location.

It is fitting that our 75th Teaser should shine a spotlight on the most prominent feature in the Manor's landscape - Beacon Hill. The new Wolverhampton Road gateway and path were planned by the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust and work carried out in 2022 by a Black Country contractor.

Adjacent meadows and woodlands have been improved making this an attractive walk passing the underground reservoir before reaching the Beacon Tower on the ridge.

2023 Summer Teaser