NEWS (January 2024): Autumn Teaser Answer

2023 – Autumn Teaser Answer

The sketch was drawn in 1985 by Andrew Barnett, co-founder of Sedgley LHS.

Naming the pub is far too easy, but naming the person who caused the building to tilt four feet in a southerly direction is not so straightforward.

We asked if you could find his name.

Old Coppice Mill, a water powered corn mill, was built in 1765 and became a public house c.1830. It was called the 'Glynne Arms' after its owner Sir Stephen Glynne (1807 - 1874). By the 1850s the Oak Farm coal mine he owned had caused damage to his own property!

Recent research suggests the building may also have been weakened by water movement and vibrations from the water wheel as well as Glynne's miners.

Although by 1900 the pub was well known as 'The Crooked House' this name only became official about 1993. In August 2023 the building suffered a double tragedy - a fierce arson attack and two days later the brickwork still standing was demolished. A replica has been suggested.

(Sir Stephen was born in Flintshire and became a landowner and part owner of Oak Farm brick and iron works. However, his main interest was visiting over 5,000 English churches. He published his notes county by county and it is these books, not his activities in Himley, for which he is remembered. This suggests he spent hardly any time on his business interests concentrating on church architecture and serving in public capacities.)

2023 Autumn Teaser