The 'Old Mill' is now commonly known as Ruiton Mill. It was built, in Gornal sandstone, around 1830, by George Richmond who was an active member of Ruiton Chapel. It operated until the 1880s with four sails powering three pairs of stones. The spars (the wooden cross-pieces) lasted until the late 1950s.

In some ways the building should be called the 'New Mill' because it replaced an even older mill that existed in, appropriately enough, Mill Street around the period circa 1700 to 1872.

The Grade ll listed Ruiton Mill is currently used by the Scouts and is the home of Dudley Caving Club, which was formed in 1966 as Dudley Cave Rescue Team. Hence the building is now equipped to practise caving techniques like abseiling.

From the top there are outstanding views to the west into Wales, north to central Sedgley and south towards Bristol.

This local landmark can be seen if you follow the route of Heritage Walk 1: Exploring the hamlet of Ruiton.

The upper photograph, taken around 1925, is very similiar to one printed in E.A. Underhill's book of poems 'Patchwork'. The image shown here has been copied from one of Underhill's original glass slides.

The lower photograph was taken by George Blackham in June 2003.

Ruiton Mill Circa 1925
Ruiton Mill Circa Jun 2003