Opened on December 5th 1882 the Wesleyan chapel and Sunday school had a clear view of Parkes Hall Road joining Tipton Road. Now hidden behind houses and an electricity substation both buildings are easily missed.

Known locally as ‘The Little Chapel’ or ‘The Rhubarb Chapel’ and latterly as ‘The Chapel under the Hill’ the neat brick buildings originally cost £841, paid to John Jones & Sons of Sedgley. Over the years dedicated congregations funded upgrades to heating and lighting, donated stained glass windows, and contributed to extensions and the never-ending cycle of redecoration and repairs.

Sadly this locally listed chapel closed in December 2007 bringing Methodist traditions in Swan village to an end. [The last service at nearby Mount Tabor Methodist was Easter 1998.] Mounting maintainence costs took their toll – an oft-repeated story throughout the Black Country. Now the future is bleak. Rumours of demolition always overshadow such closures. The Society will follow the news hoping a suitable reuse, as in the case of Mount Tabor, will save the Victorian buildings.

The north-east views, taken in January 2008, show the church and the Sunday school at the rear.

Woodsetton Methodist Chapel - Church building
Woodsetton Methodist Chapel - Sunday school building