SLHS 2002 / 2003 PROGRAMME



13th Andrew Barnett Memorial Lecture

"The Historic Environment of Dudley Borough - An Update"

The Principal Conservation Officer of Dudley Metropolitan Borough, Peter Boland, gives a round-up of work in the recent past.

THURSDAY 10th OCTOBER - 7:30 pm

"Mock Tudor"

Ron Davies surveys local houses built in the Tudor style.

THURSDAY 14th NOVEMBER - 7:30 pm

"Christmas Day in the Workhouse"

Trevor Genge gives us a timely reminder of conditions for those in reduced circumstances.


THURSDAY 9th JANUARY - 7:30 pm

"Works like Clockwork"

A members evening where everyone is invited to bring along toys or gadgets that need winding. Feel free to show a picture or just share a memory of your favourite item.

THURSDAY 13th FEBRUARY - 7:30 pm

"Cave Art"

Steve Powell discusses drawings made from prehistoric to modern times, including work in local caves.

THURSDAY 13th MARCH - 7:30 pm

"Sedgley Secrets"

A slide presentation by George Blackham of facts, fiction and trivia to jog your memory and test your knowledge.

THURSDAY 8th MAY - 7:30 pm

Annual General Meeting followed by

"Working for The Black Country Society"

Stan Hill, Black Country Society President 2002/03 & magazine editor from 1988 to 2001.

THURSDAY 12th JUNE - 7:30 pm

"Exploring the hamlet of Ruiton"

An evening walk led by Trevor Genge. The walk starts from outside 'County Wallpapers' on Dudley Road at 7:30 pm prompt.

Details of this event and the route taken are available on the Heritage Walk 1: Exploring the hamlet of Ruiton page.