Sedgley Quiz - Follow the links to find the answers!

1. There has been a village in this area for over a thousand years; but what was the old way of spelling the name?

2. In Victorian times, the people of Sedgley mined coal and made small metal objects. What were these objects?

3. There have been churches in Sedgley for hundreds of years - All Saints being the most important. The building of All Saints we can visit now isn't the original one - when was All Saints last rebuilt?

4. How many bells were put in the bell tower when All Saints was rebuilt?

5. The centre of Sedgley is called the Bull Ring.How did the Bull Ring get its name?

6. 50 years ago some buses didn't have their own petrol engines, instead they ran on electricity from overhead power lines (a bit like trains). What was the name of these buses?

7. The pub in the middle of the Bull Ring called the Clifton wasn't always a pub. What was the Clifton used for when it was first built?

8. What was the first film you could see at the Clifton?

9. To organise many things we take for granted, like having our rubbish taken away, we need a local council and once Sedgley had it's own council. Can you find out what the letters S.U.D.C. once stood for?

10. There are many other churches in Sedgley apart from All Saints. Some old church buildings aren't used any more - like the one in Tipton Street. When was the Tipton Street Methodist Church built?