The typical 1960s building housing the baths contains a pool 30.5 metres long and a 'Supachute', which was installed in the late 1980s. It is the home of Coseley Amateur Swimming Club.

The story of the baths is best described in the following piece which was written by Councillor J. T. Wilson for the Silver Jubilee of the Baths in November 1988, and appeared in the Inter Club Gala programme:

"The project of building Coseley Swimming Pool first began during 1959/60 when Councillor Wilson was Chairman of Coseley Urban District Council and was, by resolution of the Council, given full authority to bring into being a Swimming Pool in Coseley.

A number of possible sites were identified but proved unsuitable because of mining operations previously carried out in the area. Eventually the present site in Peartree Lane was chosen.

Councillor Wilson himself paid visits to other local authority swimming pools. A number of plans were then submitted and an artist's impression of the recommended scheme was taken to the Council and agreed. Tragedy overtook the project as both principal architects were killed in separate accidents. Mr. Tom Elwell came in as Principal Project Architect and was assisted by a young architect by the name of Cedric Roberts. Tenders were invited and that of Messrs. Wilson Lovatt at a figure of £252,000 was successful. Test borings carried out before work commenced did not reveal the presence of an unknown mine shaft which, when it was discovered, required extra strengthening work at an additional cost of £20,000.

The foundation stone was laid by Councillor Wilson on 25th August, 1962. Construction was delayed during the early months of 1963 when the country experienced the worst winter weather for many years. Councillor Wilson had need to take up with the local M.P. and the Treasury the fact that H.M. Customs and Excise were demanding purchase tax on the diving boards and stands. Eventually the demand was dropped and the money saved was used to lay a sapele floor in the Cafe. Some 25 miles of steel bars were required to be woven into a pattern to support the platform to carry the pool tank which holds 800 tons of water.

There was some controversy over the sculpture to be placed over the front entrance but a design was finally agreed and can be seen in place today. Eventually what had been a massive undertaking by a small authority was completed and the then Chairman of the Council, Councillor John Pointon, officially opened the Pool on 30th November, 1963."

The swimming pool was demolished in March 2010.

The two views of the baths accompanying the text were both taken in July 2003 and show the front of the baths (with sculpture), and the side with 'Supachute'.

Coseley Baths - Frontage
Coseley Baths - Side View