The original Wesleyan chapel of 1798 stood opposite on the south side of the once named Can Lane.Its erection was almost certainly inspired by John Wesley preaching in the vicinity. Today’s building, with its attractive tall arched windows, dates from 1864. It cost less than £1500 to build. The property has always been well maintained with extensive internal renovation in 1924 through to rewiring in 1993 and new roof in 2000.

During 2004 it is hoped to reintroduce floral decorations to the ceiling - flowers, fruit and leaves. Currently this is covered in green and pink emulsion! Together with proposed Sunday School improvements, celebrations of 140 years of worship in the Victorian chapel should be memorable.

In 2000 the nearby Cinderhill Methodist Church closed its doors for the last time. On this occasion important items were not lost, but safely transferred to Hurst Hill. One notable piece is a lectern.

The top photograph shows the south side of the church in June 2003. The gable end was rebricked during the last century resulting in the loss of the 'Wesleyan Methodist' inscription. Below,the January snow of 2004 covers the archway into the 1910 Sunday School which still retains the Wesley name.

Church, south side
Sunday School