We can summarise the history of this institution as follows:

1870 - Forster's Elementary Education Bill was passed. This introduced the new National Schools with Boards to manage them in each District.

1873 - Sedgley became a School Board District.

1876 - Sedgley's first Board of nine members elected.

1877 - Daisy Bank believed to be first school built by the Board. Stonework on the front gables proudly recorded: Sedgley Board Schools ~ Daisy Bank Schools

Circa 1894 - Board powers passed to the newly formed Coseley Urban District Council.

1896 - Buildings enlarged.

1897 - Average attendance at the schools was 501.

1902 -Coseley became a Part lll Local Elementary Education Authority.

Circa 1910 - Attendance around 600.

Circa 1910 - Samuel Hale 'head master' and Miss Hannah Walters, 'mistress' were in charge of this 'mixed & infants' school.

Circa 1930 - School came under the control of Staffordshire County Council.

1966 - Boundary changes 'moved' school into Wolverhampton's hands.

1980s to date - Daisy Bank Centre for community use & Library.

The upper image shows the building's Ash Street frontage.

The lower photograph shows the Lane Street side of the school .

All photographs taken in February 2002.

Daisy Bank Board Schools, Ash Street Frontage
Daisy Bank Board Schools, Lane Street Side View